Plugged Solar

US Department of Energy (April 24, 2012)

“In the future, installing a solar array for your home could be as easy as plugging in common household appliances, which are purchased, installed and operational in one day.” Source:

PluggedSolar™ is a DIY kit that typically installs in 1 day. It plugs into the wall socket as you would plug any other appliance. The DIY kit is preconfigured, reduces the cost of solar, installation is simple, and saves the homeowners more than half of the typical solar installation cost.

What is the PluggedSolar™?

PluggedSolar™ technology converts the solar panel electricity to regular household voltage of 120V AC. This 120V AC can be plugged directly to the wall socket or it can be connected straight to the main electrical panel box. As long as there is utility power it will work. If there is a power cut from the power company the solar electric system instantly stops producing electricity. All the components are UL approved, the Grid Tie Inverter has UL-1741 anti-islanding protection.

PluggedSolar™ how it works?

When the solar rays fall on the Solar Panel Direct Current (DC) electricity is generated. DC electricity flows to the Grid Tie Inverter and is converted to 240 Volt AC (Alternating Current). The 240V AC flows into the Converter where is converted to 120V AC. The 120V AC is then plugged into a wall socket. The whole system works interacting with the grid power.

When the system is generating power and plugged into the grid, it starts turning your electrical meter backwards producing credit into your utility account.

What makes PluggedSolar™ different from other regular solar installation?

Regular solar installations are 240V AC connected straight to the main electric panel near the utility meter. PluggedSolar™ has a 120V AC output connected to the same main electric panel, but using the existing home electrical wiring through the wall socket . This simplifies the connection process by allowing the user to plug the system directly into the wall socket. There won’t be any need to pay for expensive electrical work. The home lines are rated for 1.8Kw and so the Solar Plugged it’s maximum rate is below 1.72kw.

People have tried plug in solar with inverters of low quality and that are not UL approved. PluggedSolar™is the answer to earlier attempts of people trying to plug the non UL approved inverters, which utility companies do not allow. Our Solar Plugged Grid Tie Inverter and components are UL approved, and applicable for utility interconnection.

PluggedSolar™ has come up with a unique method of installation. It is simply a solar panel that is put over the rail and automatically clips in. We have transformed the “Do It Yourself Solar” concept to a whole new level.