1.74kW – 120V Plug-in Kit / Patio System

1.74kW – 120V Plug-in Kit / Patio System

Price: $3,999 +$299 S&H

1.74kW – 120V Plug-in Kit / Patio System includes:

•6 Solar PV Polycristalline of 290 watt (UL Rated and Utility Approved). Size: 77″ x 39″.

•Grid Tie Inverter (UL Rated and Utility Approved) Max. DC Power 1750W.

•PluggedSolar™ Patio Mount System for flat and tilt systems available.

•Balance of Systems BOS.


•Get 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit on total cost. Additional Local Utility Rebate & State Tax Benefits may be available. UL & Utility Approved Solar Panels and Grid Tie Inverter.

•Quick Install  in Your Yard or roof by tightening bolts.
Place Panels & Secure;
Quick-connect and Plug-in to your regular wall socket.

•1.7KW Solar Power Generates average 3000 kWh of Electricity per year for life, saving up to 30% of bills removing the higher tiered rated electric usage.

•Warranties: 25 years on solar panels and 5 years on system.

•We will assist in all the necessary paperwork required for utility connection and federal tax credits.

•We are open for all the support you need. Contact us via email or call us at 1 (281) 712-2757.

Solar Panel Specifications

Brand: LIGHTWAY SOLAR Listed in www.GoSolarCalifornia.com as: LW290(35)
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax): 290W Tolerance: ±3%
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp): 35.5 V Current at Pmax(Imp): 8.17 A
Open Circuit Voltage: (Voc): 43.8V Short-Circuit Voltage(Isc): 8.95A
Max-Power Current:  8.17 Maximum System Voltage: 1000VDC
Over-CurrentProtection Rating: 15 Operating Temperature: -40°to 185°F / -40°C to +85°C
Module Efficiency: 14.8 Cell Technology: Poly-Crystalline Silicon,72pcs(6×12)
Weight: 57.3 Lb / 26Kg Dimensions: 77.5 x 38 x 1.9″ / 197× 99 × 5 cm

Sunteams 1500 Grid Tie Inverter Specifications

Input Data (DC Side) Output Data (AC Side)
Max. DC power: 1750W Operating Voltage Range: 183-228V@208V211-264V@240V
Max. DC voltage:450V Operating frequency Range: 59.3-60.5Hz
Max. input current: 9A Nominal output frequency: 60Hz
Max. short circuit current: 24A Nominal output voltage: 208V/240V
System start-up voltage: 150V Max. Continuous  output current: 8.2A/7.2A
Full load voltage range MPPT: 200V-360V Max. Continuous output power: 1500W
Range of input source back feed current to input source: 0A Max. Output Power: 1650W
DC Voltage ripple: <5% Max. Output Current: 9A
Number of MPP trackers: 1 Max. Output overcurrent protection: 10A
Max. Number of strings: 2

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