1KW Solar Grid Tie system;(4 x 250 Watt Solar Panel) with Micro Grid Tie Inverters attached, Crystalline Solar panel, Prewired and Configured. Do It Yourself (DIY) Solar

Regular price $2,999.00 Sale price $2,495.00
  • Simply Put the Solar Panel in the Sun & Plug the Electric Cord to Your Wall. Est. Generation (8kWh per day during summer)
  • 4 x 250 Watt Solar Panels (1000Watts). Polycrystalline PV cells, 25 Years of Warranty. 4 x 250Watt Micro Grid Tie Inverter with 20 Year of Warranty; Inverter certified with UL 1741
  • ROOF / GROUND / PATIO Frames for Solar Panels. Solar Panels from Top manufactures with A Grade crystalline PV cells,250Watt Solar panel has size of about 5ft x 3ft (45lbs). Manufacturers provide 25 Years of Warranty on solar panels and 20 years on Micro Grid Tie Inverters
  • Do It Yourself in an Hour. No wiring needed. No Batteries. Everything ReadyMade Preconfigured
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit. Search ENSUPRA for our Plug'n play Energy Products of Your Choice

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