6KW Backup Power Add-on to Your Grid-tie Solar Power System. Whole House Power

Regular price $2,995.00
  • The solar grid-tie inverter operate during grid power outages by syncing with the output of a battery-based special inverter for AC coupling.
  • Retrofit seamlessly with installed Solar PV grid-tie/on-grid inverters
  • Complete reliability. Expandable battery storage for longer power .
  • Seamless switchover to keep your power on during outage

Enables a Grid-tie Solar Power System to work as Off-grid when utility power is off during blackouts.Solar Grid-tie systems are the most common solar power systems on the buildings. When there is power failure from utility, the solar grid-tie system stops working, as per utility regulation There is growing occurrences of grid power failures in the homes and commercial buildings due to deteriorating weather conditions year after year. Even you have solar panels, you don’t get electricity during blackouts. The solution is adding battery backup to an existing grid-tie solar PV system. The battery can be charged even during grid blackouts with the solar panels you have. The technology to enable it is called AC coupling. It is easy to install along with a new solar grid-tie system or retrofitted to an existing grid-tie solar system. We have unique products and methods to serve the purpose which are cost effective and easy to install.

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