Expandable 1.5KW Solar Grid-tie Kit with 5KW Inverter (may add more Solar Panels later)

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This system can be expanded upto 5KW Solar Power System (needed by an average house). It has everything required for installing a 5KW system also. Just add more solar panels later to the system. You don't need to do any extra wiring when you add more solar panels. The advantage is that you pay smaller amount upfront than 5KW system and buy more solar panels when you want to increase power.
It qualifies for federal tax credit. Complete with all the components including micro-inverters, solar mounting frame and power monitoring

Product Description
The system includes:
- 1.5 KW of SOLAR PANELS:  Solar Panels 300Watts range (size 77"x39") or 250Watts range (66"x39"). Panels from top 10 manufacturers.
- 5KW GRID TIE INVERTER: SMA Sunnyboy or any top rated inverter.
The PluggedSolar Expandable and Custom Grid-Tie Kit (1+ kW) is is an innovative and affordable solar energy solution for every homeowner who is looking to save money on their monthly energy bill as well as do their part to help the environment. Like all of PluggedSolar™’s home solar panel kits, the kit comes with all of the components necessary for installation including the solar panels, the micro inverter, and the racking (roof, ground or patio).
The Custom Grid-Tie Kit (1+ kW) is a great option for homeowners who are looking for a solution to their electric bills. How much money will the PluggedSolar Custom Grid-Tie Kit (1+ kW) save the average American homeowner? This plug-in solar panel kit can range from 1 to 10 kilowatts on a single 220/240V outlet. 5 kilowatts should cover 100% of your electricity usage for average 4bedroom homes in the United States.
The PluggedSolar Custom Grid-Tie Kit has an output voltage of 220/240V alternating current (AC) making the system plug-and-play, plugging into the same outlet as a dishwasher or electric dryer. The Custom Grid-Tie Kit can be installed in less than a day. If you do not currently have a 220/240V outlet available, one can be installed by any electrician typically for less than $100.
Just like the rest of our kits, the PluggedSolar Custom Grid-Tie Kit (1+ kW) is a grid-tie kit which means that it interacts with the existing utility grid, feeding excess energy back onto the grid, and spinning your meter backwards! The solar kit meets the federal standards for grid interconnectivity, and the inverter is UL-1741 approved.
We guarantee satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund within 30 days of receiving the shipment.

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