PluggedSolar 1.5KW Solar Grid Tie Kit with Micro-inverter, 25Yrs Warranty, 30% Federal Tax Credit

Regular price $4,995.00 Sale price $3,495.00
Get 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. Additional Local Utility Rebate & State Tax Benefits may be available. UL & Utility Grid Tie Inverter.
Includes 6 PCS Solar Panels (240 Watt)
1.5 KW Solar Power Generates average 2500 kWh of Electricity per year for life, saving up to 30% of bills removing the higher tiered rated electric usage.
We provide Wireless Solar Power and Energy Generation (Watt & kWh) monitor. Contact PluggedSolar for buying Solar Panels and Solar Panel Mountings for Groud or Roof or Patio


Our patent-pending pluggedsolar? technology allows anyone to add the solar panel and just plug solar panel system into an existing electrical outlet. There is no need for hiring any expensive professional. PluggedSolar is avoids the expense and hassle of typical solar power system installation.PluggedSolar makes the sun power within the reach of every home owner. We do sell solar panels and mountings. All components: UL approved.Contact PluggedSolar for any question. We also provide ROOF MOUNT SYSTEMS and larger power solar electric systems

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