3KW/4KW Solar Grid-Tied Solar Power System with Grid-tie inverter, wires, panel mounting

$4,995.00 - $6,295.00
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3KW/4KW Solar Power System is designed for an average house electric need. 26% tax credit is for 2020 only
-The PluggedSolar Grid-Tie Kit is an innovative and affordable solar energy solution for every homeowner who is willing to save money on their monthly energy bill and help the environment as well. 
- SMA inverter has special feature: providing power during outage without added battery. You get power during the day when sun shines; (Securing Power Supply now offers up to 2,000 W). Inverter provides up to 2,000 watts to a dedicated outlet without costly batteries 
- The PluggedSolar Custom Grid-Tie Kit has an output voltage of 220/240V alternating current (AC) making the system plug-and-play, plugging into the same outlet as used for dishwasher or electric dryer.
- A Custom Grid-Tie Kit can be installed in a day.
- If a 220/240V outlet is currently not available, it can also be installed by an electrician approximately in an hour. 
- A PluggedSolar Custom Grid-Tie Kit works same as any of our other grid tie kit  interacting with the existing utility grid, feeding excess energy back onto the grid, and spinning the meter backwards.
- The solar kit meets the federal standards for grid inter-connectivity
- 3KW/4KW GRID TIE INVERTER : SMA Sunnyboy (UL-1741 approved);97% efficiency; SMA highest ranked company. Provides power during a grid outage without battery.
- 3KW or 4KW  of SOLAR PANELS: 10-13 x Solar Panels 300Watts range (size 5.5ft x 3.3ft or 6.5ftx3.3ft) 
- AC DISCONNECT :Sqaure-D DU221RB AC Disconenct, NEMA3R, 30A 240VAC, 2-Pole Unfused
- 240V AC 30Amp Plug 
 (All the items are approved by the Utilities for solar installation)
- we provide 5 years of warranty on the system
- 25 years of warranty on solar panel by the manufacturer
- 10 years of warranty on inverter by the manufacturers
 (We guarantee satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund within 30 days of receiving the shipment.)