Ensupra Power Meter Electricity Usage Monitor

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  • Displays Power Consumption ,Watts, and Records KiloWatt-Hour (kWh)
  • Large Graph Displays Energy Consumption by the kilowatt- hour (7 days; 7 weeks; 7 months history in Bar Graph)
  • Multiline Power and Cost. Displays Volt, Amp, Watt, kWh / Units of Electricity, Time, Cost and Kg of Co2


Product description

Find Electricity Consumption by Refrigerator, TV, Cloth Dryer and Washer, Microwave oven, computer , printer and any other Home Appliances. It shows live power consumption in Watts and also records data. It has large display with Electronic Graphic Timer. Graphic displays electric consumption by the kilowatt-hour in 7-bar graph format (Past 7 days, Past 7 weeks and Past 7 months). This Monitor is also made for advanced user to set single electric rate tariff or dual rate tariff (time wise).