Plug and Play Solar Grid Tie Inverter, Add upto 2 Solar Panels (Max 700Watt DC) & Simply Plug into Wall. Solar Panels up to 285 DC Watts, Solar Panel Input (25-50 VDC) to 110VAC; MPPT Efficiency 95%; 20 Years Warranty

Regular price $699.00 Sale price $449.00
  • Plug and Play Grid Tie Inverter with 50 ft wire and Ensupra Solar Power Meter.
  • Connect up to 2 Solar Panels Leads and Simply Plug The Inverter Wire Into Your Wall Electric Outlet (110Volt AC) along with Ensupra Solar Meter. It starts generating solar electricity in 5 Minutes. Electricity meets your home power consumption upto its capacity. 20 Years of Warranty
  • Appropriate for 24V Solar Panel or 2 x 12V Solar Panels. Can tale Solar Panels up to 350 Watts . You can add 2 panels to the same inverter or add one panel now and another in future. SOLAR PANEL NOT INCLUDED
  • Solid State Electronics for very long life. Pure Sine-Wave Output, MPPT Controlle for 95% efficiency. Island Protection (UL-1741 code)
  • Plug and play. Ensupra Power Monitor Included to track solar power