Solar Panels 330 Watts (Size 77"x39"); 5 PCS Pallet (Total: 1650Watts) ; FREE SHIPPING ; 30% Federal Tax Credit

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PEIMAR 330W Poly 72 Cell Silver Frame SG330P 

PERC cells on Peimar
modules provide high module efficiency: 17.00%

PEIMAR 330W Poly 72 Cell Silver Frame SG330P 

PEIMAR SG330P Solar Panel Characteristics:
• Solar Panel Wattage: 3300W
• Solar Pallet Size: 27 modules per pallet
• Cell Type: Polycrystalline

• Solar cell size: 72 Cell
• Solar Frame: 40mm
• Color: Silver Frame
 Cell Efficiency: 18.83%
 Module Efficiency: 17.00%
• Hail storm resistant: modules are rated to withstand 25mm diameter ice ball impact at 23m/s
• Linear Product Warranty: 30 Years
• Product Warranty: 20 Years
• Made in Italy



PEIMAR polycrystalline solar panels are made in Italy and provide customers with a combination of high-efficiency and versatility. Thanks to the use of high-quality solar cells, PEIMAR's solar panels achieve outstanding performance and ensure maximum production output even under poor lighting and weather conditions. The strong yet ultra-light solar frames make installation easy but robust in either residential, commercial or large-scale settings.

PEIMAR is an Italian company specializing in the design, research and manufacturing of high efficiency solar modules. The Italian solar panel brand utilizes technical innovation and extensive know-how to offer solar panels manufactured using high quality materials and designed to meet the highest performance standards. The optimization of highly automated production lines and attention to detail are the cornerstones of the company, enabling a production capacity of 80MW per year at the Italian site in Brescia.

PEIMAR's headquarters are located in Brescia (Italy) but the company is also present worldwide in different countries:
• The UK
• The United States, where PEIMAR has a branch office
• Brazil, which represents the distribution center for the South American market
• China, a point of support to serve the entire Asian region
• Australia, where PEIMAR opened a brand new branch office