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1.4431 Kilowatts (1,443.0786 Watts)

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All of our PluggedSolar products are unique and innovative. They are designed to be easy-to-install, affordable, durable. We are constantly asking questions and trying to find new ways to benefit homeowners’ wallets, as well as the environment.

Pioneer2 (1.5 kW)

(No Reviews)

The Pioneer 2 is a 1,525 Watt grid tie solar panel kit that plugs into a 220/240V electrical outl...

$ 3,499.00

($ 2,449.30 after Federal Tax Credits)

Solo - 240W Solar Grid-tie Power

(2 Reviews)

Simply Plug the Solar Panel into the Wall and Generate 1KW-...

$ 795.00

($ 556.50 after Federal Tax Credits)


(No Reviews)

 The Pro is a 5,000 Watt grid tie solar panel ...

$ 10,000.00

($ 7,000.00 after Federal Tax Credits)

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Did You Know?

More and more people around the world are discovering the truth about solar: it helps the environment, and it saves you money on your energy bill. In fact, another solar electric system is installed in the United States every four minutes!

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available. In 14 seconds and a half seconds, the sun provides as much energy to the Earth as humanity uses in a day. Photovoltaic (solar electric) panels can harness this energy to generate electricity for domestic commercial or industrial use. While solar power has become more efficient, it still only supplies a small fraction of the world’s energy supply.

Grid-Tie Solar

As the name implies, grid-tie solar kits are connected or “tied” to the electrical grid (i.e. power lines) which feeds your home electricity. Your home is connected to the grid regardless of the solar panels. Interestingly, this connection is a two-way street: electricity can flow both from the grid to your home (spinning the meter forwards) and from your home back to the grid (spinning your meter backwards).

Rising Electricity Prices

The price of electricity has been rising over the last decade, jumping by double digits in many states, even after accounting for inflation. In California, residential electricity prices shot up 30% between 2006 and 2012, adjusted for inflation. Experts in the state's energy markets project the price could jump an additional 47% over the next decade.

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