Plug-in Inverter with 50ft Cord & Power Monitor (Just add Solar Panels)

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Micro Grid-Tie Inverter with 50 ft adaptor cord and Solar Power Monitor

Just Add Solar Panels (Not Provided, Sold Separately)

  • Add Solar Panels to this inverter. It can take unto 2 x 24V panels (300+ Watt panels) or 4 x 12V panels (100+Watts).
  • Designed to connect individual PV modules and perform DC to AC conversion.
  • High efficiency with 96% ; 30% Federal Tax Credit on Solar
  • 22‐55V DC Solar Panel Input; For 24V Solar Panels (2PCS) or 4x 12V Solar (Put 2 x 12V panels in series to make 24V);
  • Very simple installation with built‐in cables and connectors NEMA‐6 enclosure rating for Outdoors and weather proof ;Integrated GFDI; 14 AWG integrated cables

Just add solar panels to the system.

The system include:

1. Micro Grid-Tie Inverter

2. 50 ft adaptor cord

3. Solar Power Monitor (Plug-in)

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