Plug and Play Solar Panel Power with 750 DC-Watt Inverter; Simply Plug into Wall; Expand upto 600Watts PluggedSolar 1500/1800/3000 Watts (1.5/1.8/3.0 KW) Solar Grid Tie Kit Expandable 1800 watt (1.8KW ) Solar Grid-tie Kit 5000 Watts (5KW) Solar Grid-Tied Solar Power System Expandable 3.1KW Solar Hybrid (Grid-tie/Off-Grid) Kit with 6KW Hybrid Inverter (Add more Solar Panels later; Enable backup power by adding battery later)

Grid-tie Solar

Plug and play

Simply Plug intio wall

110V Wall Plug-in 220V Plug-in

Solar Powering Every day: With Grid & Off-Grid

- Lithium Battery Storage

Solar Hybrid Power