Expandable 1800 watt (1.8KW ) Solar Grid-tie Kit

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  • The Expandable 1.8KW Solar Grid-tie Kit is an innovative and affordable solar energy solution for the homeowners who wants to save money on energy bills and at the same time save the environment.
  • It also interacts with the existing utility grid, feeding excess energy back onto the grid, and spinning meter backward similar like any of PluggedSolar Grid-tie kit.
  • It can be expanded up to 5KW Solar Power System to meet an average household energy need.
  • It includes everything required for installing a 5KW system except the solar panels that you need to add on. No extra wiring is needed for that.
  • It has an output voltage of 220/240V alternating current (AC) making the system 'plug-and-play', plugging into the similar outlet as used for a dishwasher or an electric dryer.
  • It meets the federal standards for grid inter-connectivity.    


  • 1.8 KW of SOLAR PANELS:  5 pieces of Solar Panels with the range of  360Watts, size - 6.5ft x 3.5ft usually,  availed from top 10 manufacturers, option of adding more solar panels
  • SOLAR PANEL MOUNTING: Unirac SolarMount for roof, ground or patio
  • WIRES: 240V AC 30Amp Plug   

             All the items are approved by Utilities.


  • We provide 5 years of warranty on the system
  • 25 years of warranty on solar panel by the manufacturer
  • 10 years of warranty on inverter by the manufacturers


  • Try out with lower upfront payment initially and add on later as per need
  • Qualifies for 30% federal tax credit. You get 30% back when you file taxes.
  • Can be installed easily
  • We guarantee satisfaction on every product. We sell with a full refund within 30 days of receiving the shipment.

Product Documents: Expandable 5KW PluggedSolar Manual

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