Plug and Play Solar Panel Power with 600-Watt Inverter; Simply Plug into Wall; Expand to 600Watts

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Product Features

Simply Put the Solar Panel in the Sun & Plug the Electric Cord to Your Wall.

Estimated Electricity Generation 600kWh /yr. with 300Watt Solar Panels.  With 600Watt panels, it is estimated to be 1200kWh / Yr. saving, average 15% of electric bills for average home.  You will receive solar Panels, solar micro-inverter, 50 ft cable with adaptor -ready to plug in, Wifi Power Monitor to track power on your phone. 

Do It Yourself in an Hour. No wiring needed. No Batteries. Everything Ready-made Preconfigured. Receive 26% Federal Tax Credit.   

Product Includes: --

1. 2 Pcs of solar Panels (Solar Panels, made of high efficiency Monocrystalline PV cells) You can add another 2 more Solar Panels to expand the power.

2. Micro-inverter (600Watt, takes up to 4 panels) certified by ETL with UL 1741 code for anti-islanding safety protection, as per requirements.

3. 50 ft wire -ready to plug-into a wall socket of 110/120V.

4. Plug-in Wifi Electrical Monitor for solar power tracking.

5. Stackable up to 6-8 systems (max total 1800Watt) for one dedicated Plug.

6. Gound Mounting or Roof Mounting Hardware for up to 4 solar panels if added in the selection.  

When the sun shines, the Solar panel set will produce DC voltage, and the micro grid tie inverter transforms the DC voltage to AC voltage, synchronizing with the utility grid power. It puts out power to the home grid, generating electricity and cutting your electric bill.


1. Connect first solar panel positive cord (red sign,+) to the second solar panel negative cord. Connect first solar panel negative cord to the micro-inverter and second solar panel positive cord (red,+) to the inverter.

2. Put the Solar Panel facing the Sun and Plug the cord into your 110/120V wall socket along with supplied Wifi Power Monitor. Wait for 6 minutes for inverter to start. You will see power generated in the meter.

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