PluggedSolar 1500/1800/3000 Watts (1.5/1.8/3.0 KW) Solar Grid Tie Kit

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Product Features: 

  • PluggedSolar 1.5/1.8/3.0 KW Solar Grid Tie Kit makes the sun power within the reach of every homeowner. 
  • It's patent (pending) technology makes solar installation very easy. Anyone can add solar panel and can simply plug the system into an existing electrical outlet. 
  • 3000-Watt Solar Grid Tie kit generates 7000 KWH of electricity (average) per year for life, saving up to 70% of electric bill removing the high tiered rated usage.   

How to Install:

Attach Solar Panels on roof or on ground rack and plug the electric cord into the wall socket. No wiring is needed. No battery is needed. 

Components Included: 

  • 1500/1800/3000 Watts Solar Panels:  These panels have high photovoltaic efficiency due to the advance technology. 
  • Inverters: They are 97% efficient with UL-1741/CSE/IEEE certification.
  • Roof/Ground/Patio Solar Panel Mounting Frames

  All the components of the system are UL, Local, State & Utility approved.

 For 3000Watt, please make sure that the breaker is 20amp.Most homes do have 20amp by default. You may email us for details.


  • We provide 5 years of warranty on the system
  • 25 years of warranty on solar panel (by the manufacturer)
  • 10 years of warranty on inverter (by the manufacturers).
  • We guarantee satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund within 30 days of receiving the shipment.


  • 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit.
  • Additional Local Utility Rebate & State Tax Benefits may be available.

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