Expandable 3.1KW Solar Hybrid (Grid-tie/Off-Grid) Kit with 6KW Hybrid Inverter (Add more Solar Panels later; Enable backup power by adding battery later)

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The Expandable 3.1KW Solar Hybrid (Grid-tie/Off-Grid) Kit is an innovative and affordable solar energy solution for the homeowners who are looking for saving money on energy bills and saving the environment as well. This system can be expanded up to 6KW Solar Power System to meet all the household energy needs, leading towards net-zero energy home. In addition, you have option of adding battery later that will provide whole house backup power, taking care of power outage. Also, this is solution for Independent power supply, reducing or eliminating dependancy on utility companies.

This kit includes everything required for installing a 10KW system except the solar panels are of 3.1KW and battery. In future, you can expand the power to 10KW by simply adding more solar panels and mountings. You enable whole-house backup power by simply adding battery. When you expand power, you don't need extra wiring is needed to add more solar panels. Simply Plug more solar panels. Also, battery is pluggable.

This system has an output voltage of 220/240V alternating current (AC) making the system plug-and-play, plugging into the same outlet as used for a dishwasher or electric dryer. If you do not currently have a 220/240V outlet available, it can also be installed by any electrician in an hour. 

When you plan to add battery, you will need a sub-panel to select house loads for backup power. All the electricians know about sub-panel and can install it in few hours.

Like any other PluggedSolar products this is also a grid-tie kit interacting with the existing utility grid, feeding excess energy back onto the grid, and spinning your meter backwards. In addition, this hybrid system has off-grid capability, enabling you to be your own independent power generating system.

The kit meets the federal standards for grid interconnectivity.    


- Try out with lower upfront payment initially and add on later as per your need

- Add battery later to enable backup power system

- Qualifies for 30% federal tax credit. You get 30% back when you file taxes.

- Can be installed easily


- 3.1 KW of SOLAR PANELS:  10 pcs of Solar Panels 310Watts range, typical size (6.5ft x3.5ft) from top 10 manufacturers. We also have option for add more solar panels

-6KW HYBRID INVERTER : SOLIS (UL-1741 approved);98% efficiency; SOLIS is highest ranked company providing hybrid inverter with 10 year of warranty & expected life of 25 years. Option to generate power with battery during grid outage.

- SOLAR PANEL MOUNTING: Unirac SolarMount (for roof, ground or patio)

- WIRES 240V AC 60Amp Plug    (All the items are approved by Utilities) Warranty

- we provide 5 years of warranty on the system

- 25 years of warranty on solar panel by the manufacturer

- 10 years of warranty on inverter by the manufacturers

We guarantee satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund within 30 days of receiving the shipment.)

Product Documents:

6KW Hyrbid Roof Installation With Solis

6KW Hybrid  Ground Mount With Solis

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