10-KW Whole House Solar Power Grid-tie with Lithium Battery Backup

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DESCRIPTION:  Whole House Grid-tie with Lithium Battery Backup is a Hybrid System that produces power everyday with on-grid and off-grid conditions. It is designed for a typical home that is grid-tied (have supply of electricity from power company) as well as for off-grid (independent power) home.  The system has off-grid capability during utility power failure. These days severe weather conditions are rampant and rolling power outages are on the increase. Thus, there is a need to get electricity in home when power company fails to provide electrify and at the same time you cut your electric bills by solar power. PluggedSolar system provides power everyday even when power failure continues for days and weeks.

With current advancement in inverter and lithium battery technologies, solar hybrid system is in popular demand among homeowners.  With financial incentive from federal govt., the solar power investment becomes very compelling. Currently, federal is providing 30% tax credit.

FEATURES: The Plugged Solar kit is an innovative and affordable solar energy solution for every homeowner who is willing to save money on their monthly energy bill and at the same time have power during rolling power failures. In addition, you are helping the environment as well. 

- Solar hybrid inverter has both grid-tie and battery backup feature. The inverter is approved by utilities and listed under approved list by every state. It comes with 10-year warranty and expected life is 20 years.

- A PluggedSolar Hybrid Kit can be installed by in 1-2 days.

- If a 220/240V outlet is currently not available, it can also be installed by an electrician approximately in an hour. 

- A PluggedSolar Hybrid Kit works same as any of our other grid tie solar kit, interacting with the existing utility grid, feeding excess energy back onto the grid, and spinning the meter backwards. In addition, during utility power failure it automatically disconnects from power grid and feeds the solar power to the home though storage battery.

- A PluggedSolar Hybrid Kit comes with modern Lithium Battery of LiFePo4 for robust power output and long life. It comes with 10-year warranty and expected life is 20 years.

- The solar kit meets the federal standards for grid inter-connectivity.  This system can meet the all the needs of a family: Refrigerator, Microwave oven, lights, fans, TV, computer, chargers, dish washer, cloth washer, dryer, water heater etc. It can also power Central AC.  


- 10KW SOLAR HYBRID INVERTER: (UL-1741 approved);97% efficiency; Provides power during a grid outage with inbuilt transfer switch. Grid-tie Max Output: 10KW & Off-Grid Max Output: 6KW AC

- Lithium Battery (LiFePo4): Capacity: 5kWh.  Add more batteries later!

- POWER MONITOR (Wi-Fi enabled for direct access via smartphone)


- 240V AC 30Amp Plug and AC DISCONNECT: Square-D, NEMA3R, 240VAC (with solar panels option)

-  Expert Installation help

All the items are approved by the Utilities for solar installation   

Qualifies for 30% federal tax credit. You get 30% back when you file taxes.

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